Change Of Address


    When you get ready to find a new place to live, you will need to complete a change of address. We recommend an apartment finder company over an online apartment search. Heres why: Apartment finders provide more than an online apartment searches because they have vacancies not listings that include apartments, duplexes, and sometimes houses. Since they have available apartments instead of a listing of all apartments including unavailable ones, apartment finders will take a huge burden from you, allowing you time to take care of the other things associated with your move.

    Once the apartment finder finds the perfect place for your needs and you have your new address, one of the first things you need to do is to complete a change of address with the post office. You can either pick up a change of address card from the post office, or go to the United States Postal Service on the Internet and complete an online change of address.

    Make sure you include all the appropriate information such as start date, permanent or temporary move, full name, old mailing address, and new address on the change of address, as well as any other required information.

    After you complete the change of address form, just before you move, follow up with the post office to confirm that they received your form. Additionally, you should leave your new address with your apartment company or property owner should any mail come to the old address. This will allow them to forward it to you so you do not miss getting any of your mail.

    Remember, once you have completed the change of address form, you should receive a small letter or postcard from the post office, or an e-mail is completed online, confirming they received it. If you do not receive this, make sure you follow up. Another important tip is to send in change of address forms to your bank, credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and so on. This provides double protection that your mail will arrive at your new place, found by the apartment finder.

    Additionally, if you are moving out of state, you are required by law to notify your state Motor Vehicle Division. This ensures you receive renewal notices or other vehicle related information.

    Now that the apartment finder has found the ideal place for you to live, and you have completed all your change of address forms, you can get serious about moving. The next time you know of someone getting ready to move, you can provide them valuable information about apartment finder and all the tips you have learned along the way.

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