Moving Guide


    Everyone move needs two things, a moving guide, and an apartment finder to help find the perfect apartment. While you could probably find an apartment on your own, why not allow the professionals of an apartment finder assist. If you are not sure where to start, ask family or friends if they know of a reputable apartment finder, otherwise, simply look up "apartment finder" on the Internet or you can use one of our recommended apartment finder by clicking on apartment finder.

    A moving guide helps identify things that are often forgotten during a move. A moving guide is a useful reminder to make moves less frustrating. We have put some moving guide tips together for you that sometimes we do not think about. First, use proper packing material. While it may be tempting to use boxes out of the garbage, it is best to have the proper materials. For a great deal, visit All You might also ask the staff at your apartment finder if they can provide some recommendations for good moving boxes.

    To add to our moving guide, pack one room at a time with each box properly labeled. When you arrive at your new apartment found by the apartment finder, you will be glad you took the time to do this. You will be able to put each box in the proper room and know exactly what needs to be unpacked first. Another tip for our moving guide is to keep any valuable items or loose items such as screws to the bed, or special knobs or table feet in a separate box with everything in a see-through bag that is clearly labeled.

    For the next tip in the moving guide, be sure not to pack anything that is flammable or heat sensitive such as candles, video tapes, propane tanks, paints, and so on. Moving vans will often make three stops and your belongings may sit for a day or two before your delivery. Be sure to plan, bringing a box or suitcase of personal items to last until your moving van arrives. Finally, when you arrive at your new apartment, be sure to follow up with the apartment finder letting them know you arrived safely.

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