Moving List


    To make your move easy, create a moving list. As each item on the moving list is accomplished, cross it off and move to the next item until all the items are complete. Start your moving list about six weeks to ensure you get everything covered.

    1. Start by writing apartment finder at the top of your moving list. Locate an apartment finders in the town where you will be moving to let them know what you need. Using an apartment finder will speed up your search tremendously because they deal with vacancies unlike online apartment searches which list everything even if it isnt available. To find an apartment finder in your city click on apartment finder.

    2. Decide which of your possessions you do not want to take with you such as books, old clothing, out-of-date games, shoes, and so on. If you have the time for a garage sale, that would be a great way to make a little extra cash. However, if not donate to a local charity.

    3. Notify your post office of your move by filling out a change of address card as soon as you have your new address from the apartment finder. You will also want to write a general letter that provides your new address to send to all your magazine and/or book subscriptions and creditors so they will forward them on.

    4. Contact your utilities and schedule a date for them to be turned off as well as advise them where to send the final bill. Once again, the apartment finder should be able to provide you with some of that information.

    5. Make a separate list of anything that needs to be fixed with your old apartment that would be your responsibility.

    6. Have your pets shots updated and ask your vet for a new reference, if applicable.

    7. Get your car tuned and prepared for the trip to your new place.

    8. The next item to cross off your moving list would be to order boxes and proper packing material such as tape and markers, if you will be doing your own packing

    9. Start packing items that you do not use often. Make sure you pack each room separately, not mingling the rooms.

    10. Get serious about your packing. Keep a couple of boxes marked storage and place an item sheet on each box so you have a good idea of the contents. Next, pack two boxes that you will take with you, one for valuables and screws, nuts, and bolts to furniture and the second for necessities (toilet paper, medication, paper plates, etc.) until all of your boxes arrive.

    11. Be sure to get current copies of any medical and dental information for you, your children, and your pets and then cross off another item from your moving list.

    12. If you are driving to another city, map out the route you will take and make hotel reservations for your stopover, if applicable. Also let someone know the exact you will be taking, and check in with family and friends along the way.

    13. If you will have extra food in the refrigerator or freezer that cannot be moved a long distance, ask neighbors if they would be interested.

    14. Clean out the appliances and give your old apartment a good cleaning, to include shampooing the carpets, if needed.

    15. If you have children, contact their schools and arrange for their school records to be transferred to the new school. Finding a new school would be another one of your criterion that you provided to the apartment finder professionals.

    16. Handle any bank business (closing out accounts and closing your safe deposit box).

    17. Contact your insurance company to cancel or change policies.

    18. Transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy close to your new home. Again, the apartment finder can provide some of this information to you, which will be extremely helpful.

    19. Cancel the home delivery newspaper one more item off your moving list.

    20. Drain the gas from your lawn mower or weed eater, if applicable, so they can be moved safely.

    21. Write your cell phone or some other contact number for the movers and include directions to your new apartment along with the apartment finders phone number.

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