Moving Tips


    When it comes time to move, you will need solid moving tips and an experienced apartment finder to help find the perfect apartment. Finding an apartment on your own can be challenging. If you use an online apartment search you will be frustrated by finding apartments that are not available but only after youve made phone calls or visited. Very frustrating!

    Using the services of an apartment finder, your search will be much easier because they will prequalify apartments and find only ones that are available. If you are not sure where to start, ask family or friends if they know of a reputable apartment finder. Or you can select one of our preferred apartment finders by clicking on apartment finder and finding your city.

    Good moving tips will make your move less frustrating. We have put some moving tips together for you that sometimes are not thought of until the move is over. First, use proper packing material. While it may be tempting to use boxes that you find behind the local grocer, it is best to have the proper materials. For a great deal, visit All where you can find any size box needed. You might also ask the staff at your apartment finder if they can provide some recommendations for good moving boxes and other supplies.

    An additional moving tip is to pack only one room at a time with each box properly labeled. After you arrive at your new apartment found by the apartment finder, you will be glad you took the time to do this. Simply reading the label, you can place each box in the proper room and know exactly what needs to be unpacked first. Another moving tip is to keep any valuable items or loose items such as screws to the bed, special knobs, or small pieces from furniture, in a separate box with everything clearly marked in a see-through bag.

    Be sure to pack heavier items into smaller boxes to make the move easier and use your blankets, towels, and rugs to wrap your more valuable breakables. Another important moving tip often forgotten is to take your old phone book with you so you can call old friends without spending a fortune on directory assistance calls.

    Another valuable moving tip is to not to pack anything that is flammable or heat sensitive such as candles, video tapes, propane tanks, paints, and so on. Since moving companies usually load up more than one household at a time, you could be the last on their scheduled deliveries, meaning your things will sit in a hot truck longer. Bing a box or suitcase of personal items to last until your moving van arrives. Once you arrive at your new apartment, be sure to follow up with the apartment finder letting them know you arrived safely.

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